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Business Protection

Business financial planning is about more than cash flow projections and balance sheets, employee benefits and pension schemes. It’s about making sure you are taking every opportunity to be in the best position to achieve your business goals, protect your business, maximise your tax reliefs and plan for life’s unknown’s.

Key questions to consider:

How would your business survive if….

  • One of your key employees or shareholders became seriously ill or died suddenly?
  • Your business partner died? What would happen to their share of the business?
    How would you feel about a shareholder’s family joining your business if he / she died suddenly?
  • You died? What would happen to your share of the business?
    Are your spouse or children in a position to take your place in the business? How will your family survive financially?

Each company’s individual circumstances will determine which business protection option meets their needs, but essentially it is to ensure that the necessary funds will end up in the right hands at the right time, in both a cost efficient and a tax efficient manner.


This insurance allows a limited company to plan for the potential financial loss that it would suffer on the death or serious illness of a key employee. For example, will any loans to the business have to be repaid on the death of a specific individual?


This allows the shareholders of a limited company to provide funds to purchase the shares of a deceased shareholder from their personal representatives. The life assurance contracts are taken out by the shareholders personally. This ensures the surviving shareholders retain control of their business.


This is an arrangement whereby the company agrees with each shareholder to buy back his / her shares from his / her personal representatives on death, with the insurance cost being borne by the company. This ensures security for the company, and peace of mind for the family / dependants of the deceased.

PSC Financial Planning can help you, and your business, to plan for the future. Whether it is succession planning, providing financial security for dependants, or ensuring the survival and continuity of your business in the event of the death of a shareholder or key employee, we can offer solutions to meet your needs.