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Personal Savings & Investments 


Investments & Saving for your Family’s Future – By saving today we have means to spend tomorrow.

The Investment world can seem complicated and confusing. There are a range of options to suit your investment needs, regardless of whether you have a lump sum or regular monthly amount to save. What is common across the various options is the opportunity to grow your money.


Our highly qualified and experienced financial advisers will demystify the financial jargon for you. We discuss with you the level of risk you’re comfortable taking then set out your options in a clear and transparent manner helping you decide on the most appropriate strategy to meet your needs and achieve your goals.


Saving for your Child’s Education


A good education is the best possible start in life you can give our children and for most parents providing for their children’s wellbeing and education, from primary school through to third level, is an important priority. Each year parents underestimate the cost of sending their children back to school or college.


At PSC Financial Planning we can advise you on a variety of savings options that will support your child’s education now and into the future.