Share Dealing

Share Dealing

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At PSC Financial Planning we administer the purchase and sale of shares on an execution only basis.

Execution only means that we do not provide advice in relation to any such trades, rather we facilitate the buying or selling of the shares per your instruction.

Fees are charged by Cantor Fitzgerald for buying and selling shares. PSC Financial Planning are generally remunerated by Cantor Fitzgerald either in part in in full for these services by sharing in a proportion of the fee charged but for smaller trades it may be necessary to charge a minimum transaction fee.

Cantor Fitzgerald operate a minimum transaction fee of €55. PSC Financial Planning Ltd charge a minimum fee of €150. All fees and charges are disclosed to you at the outset and the exact charges associated with your specific trade are detailed on your Share Dealing Contract Note. This is an official document issued by Cantor Fitzgerald once your trade is complete. A separate Fee invoice is issued by PSC Financial Planning Ltd where a minimum transaction fee is being charged.

Commission Rates:

Cantor Fitzgerald’s current commission rates are as follows:

  1. €0 – €20,000 =1.5%
  2. €20,000 – €40,000=1%
  3. Balance = 0.5%
  4. Contract Fee €60
  5. Contract Levy €1.25 on sales only
  6. Stamp Duty 1% on purchases only
  7. Minimum commission €265 (Cantor min fee €55, Cantor Contract Fee €60 & PSC Financial Planning min fee €150)

In addition, you may choose to engage the services of PSC Accountants Ltd to calculate your Capital Gains Tax Liability on the sale of shares. Where you wish to engage our services to calculate your CGT Liability, make the payment to Revenue and File the CGT return on your behalf, the standard fee for this work is €400 + Vat. Where calculations prove more complex and therefore additional time is required, this fee may be more.

For further information, please download our Terms of Business or contact us for additional information.

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